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Principal Message

Yaseen Ch

Ch Muhammad Yaseen (Founder And Principal)

Following the foot step and Sunnah of the Holy prophet (PBUH), a great and revolutionary education movement was started in the Name of Pak Garrison Education System in Nankana Sahib. No doubt it was an uphill task and I had to face hurdles. But person with great determination and courage can cross every Hurdle even mountain and I did it with the help of God. And I think modern branches of knowledge have become part and parcel of our life, without acquiring modern knowledge it will only remain dream to become advanced nation and country. History is witness of this thing that secret of Muslim’s glory was knowledge.

Our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) said Get knowledge though even you may have to travel to China. It is obligation on every Muslim man and woman to get knowledge our youth should be provided such knowledge that may create Tariq Bin Ziad, Mahmood Gaznvi Iman Gazali, Razi , Khalid Bin Waleed Sallah-u-Din-Ayoubi, Quaid Azam and Allama Iqbal. Being a Principal of this institute I have a dream to mould the students of this institute into a good Muslim, Doctor, Engineer scientist, Teachers, Pilot Civil and military officers. In order to achieve this dream the nation builder should have high thinking and noble purpose. And with the grace of God I have everything one can desire. Selfless and broad minded teachers can only bring educational revolution in country. I have devoted my life to train the students.

Pak Garrison Education System is a movement, a revolution and a great thinking. That is why, in this short span of time, the students have got unique status in different spheres of life after getting education from this institute. They are performing well in the prominent professional education institution and different shperes of life. I am thankful to all the teachers and students who are working shoulder to shoulder with me in this mission. I pray for them that may God bless them with success in this world and in the rest of life.

I laid the foundation of this great revolutionary education system. Now it will be the responsibility of teacher, students and society to make this institution able to reach its destination. Everyone has to spread the light of knowledge our students have to lead to Muslim ummah and Inshallah, I am hopeful that they will do it May God help us succeed in our mission; Inshallah.